Svenja, Hairdesigner

“Anna created an atmosphere of trust and total acceptance that made me feel valued and nurtured.”

What was life like before you started with coaching with Anna

Before coaching with Anna I didn`t know how to get to know myself better. I was unsure about my values and purpose. I initially asked her to help me with gaining clarity what my values and real passion in life might be. She brought me back to caring about myself and speaking out loud what was only in my head.

What is life like now that you’ve experienced coaching with Anna?

I have been going through a big process of change and I´m still on that path. It helped me to identify my core values and organise the ideas of myself. I needed the encouragement to act on what I already deep down knew I wanted to do and it helped me to formulate a plan. Anna created an atmosphere of trust and total acceptance that made feel valued and nurtured.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about coaching with Anna?

I did have the answers to my own problems and the fresh thinking was exactly what I needed. Doing coaching is like a mental clean up, you feel so good afterwards.

Why would you recommend this to someone who might be on the fence?

Coaching for me is taking time for myself. It will builds confidence, gets me tools to reach my goals and is empowering. It is beautiful trip with myself, guided by Anna. Thank you very much, I can highly recommend coaching with her.