Elisabeth, Content Specialist

“With every session Anna gave me the tools to fix parts of the way I think.”

What was life like before you started with coaching with Anna

Great, but time by time stressful and chaotic. I had difficulty organising my work and private life, had to deal with insecurities at work (new job, new colleagues) and in my social life (what do friends think of me, who do and don’t I want to include in my life etc). Most of all I had the feeling that with growing up, I had lost a sense of self; authenticity. I wanted to go back to the me I was when I was young; carefree and not giving a shit about people’s opinions. Loved that version of me!

What is life like now that you’ve experienced coaching with Anna?

With every session Anna gave me the tools to fix parts of the way I think. It feels like she reintroduced me to that young, funny, beautiful little girl I used to be and that I so desperately sought after. Anna learned me how to take bits and pieces of my younger self and reintegrate those pieces into my current life; not giving a shit, opening up to the people I care about, being me, laughing more and especially; loving more. Of life. Of the people around me. And especially, of myself.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about coaching with Anna?

The feeling that Anna was an absolutely unbiased professional who knows when to ask the right questions and when NOT to ask a question at all, but gives you the time to come up with your own answers.

Why would you recommend this to someone who might be on the fence?

Because everyone deserve to have someone who listens with dedication. With patience. With love. Anna is that person.