Run after the things you want
As fast as your legs can possibly carry you
So that when you reach them
Panting, breathing
With stars in your eyes
They’ll be surprised
At how soon you’ve come to meet them
And you’ll say to them that life is fleeting
That one day you’ll wake up
Your time on the verge of completion
And you’ll be either
Regretting or celebrating your choices
And reflecting on their reasons
Without a chance for do-overs
No redeeming, no repeating
You, yourself, the outcome to a sum of opportunities
You either did or did not believe in
Chances you either snatched from the sky
Or that you allowed to pass you by
Too preoccupied to even see them
Misfortunes you either turned into lessons
That in turn turned out as blessings
Or that had you burnt out and defeated
And you’ll tell them that by then
You’ll have realized
Everything is subject to how you perceive it
That the world is your mirror
And it reflects back purely what you feed it
That everything can be a stepping stone
To accomplishing dreams and grand achievements
As well as a hurdle that keeps you back
It just depends on how you choose to see them
One and the same thing can both be in your reach
And utterly unfeasible
Cup half empty, cup half full
It’s a matter of believing
So when you finally stand there,
Sweat on your forehead
Breathing, heaving
Looking at the very thing you ran and ran towards
Blossomed from first idea into full fruition
You see that not running after what you want
As fast as your legs can possibly carry you
In fact is nothing short of treason
A disservice to yourself and the world
To not go after what gives you meaning