Doing vs Living life

Are you going from one appointment to the other…running around with all your different roles in life as a parent, professional, friend, partner.

Do you want to change this and starting living life on your own terms?

In my blog: “What you need to know about stress” I mentioned that I was stressed about all areas of my life. My finances, my intelligence, my career. Continuously I was feeling stressed about how I was spending my time. I was saying YES to everything, without even thinking it through. This mindset has brought me a lot of spontaneous joy in life, but also a lot of stress. It sometimes made me feel powerless. It made me feel out of balance. I sometimes felt like I was doing life in stead of living life.

DOING life

When you are running from one appointment to the other. When you notice you can’t even schedule a date with a loved one for weeks or even months, because you literally have zero time in your calendar. When you say YES to things you hate and NO to things you love. When you are so focused on the outside world. When you’re feeling scared or insecure to look inside and ask yourself the question:

“What do I want?”

And you keep asking opinions to the people around you. When you feel that failing is never an option, even though you tell others life is all about trial and error (“except for me, I need to do it perfectly”). Do you recognise this?   


When you are having a sense of fulfilment. When you are selfaware and present in the here and now. When you take the responsibility to create your own future. When you are the decisionmaker of your time. When you ask for opinions, but you see them as opinions and not as facts. When you are living your own truth and embracing it.

Change your focus

As I mentioned in my previous blog (and I’ll probably mention it in many more): Awareness precedes change. We can’t make a sustainable change without a deeper understanding of the root causes of our behaviour and actions.

Change your focus from solving the symptoms to solving the underlying issues.

As James Redfield wrote: “where attention goes, energy flows”

When we focus on DOING life, that is exactly what will happen. We spent all our energy to the to do’s and the must’s. The good news is, is that we can move our attention to the things we love doing and start focussing on our desires.

We can choose to start LIVING life. It takes balls, direction and a sense of purpose. But when we have created awareness about what we want to get out of this one life, we have the opportunity to make all of our dreams happen.

Questions for you to reflect on. And as always: there is no right or wrong. There is only honesty.

  1. What is your honest assessment? Are you leaning more towards DOING or LIVING life?
  2. What is your definition of a fulfilled life?

NEXT WEEK: A handy tool to asses if you’re spending your time on your own terms. So you can get more clarity if you are DOING or LIVING life.